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Learn about palmistry's 7 archetypes

Palm reading is an ancient science and healing art that probably originated in India, but also has deep roots in China and the Middle East. For over 3,000 years, palmistry has been a window to the soul.

Palmistry used to be a highly respected source of information. Alexander the Great, Plato, Hippocrates, and Aristotle, for example, all practiced palmistry. Unfortunately in the West, since the Age of "Enlightenment" and the ascendance of rational thinking, palm reading has been denigrated and reduced to an occult. Most of the ancient knowledge is now all but gone. (See also Dr. William Benham.)

As a science, palmistry can explain the thousands of data points that, like fingerprints, are unique to your hand. As a healing art, the markings on your hand serve as esoteric entry points to tap into your personal mysteries and hidden truths.

You can gain remarkable insights about your life, including past, present, and future possibilities. By understanding your character patterns, strengths and weaknesses, you can make more positive choices in life and proactively shape your destiny.

Palmistry has a very real biological basis. The stem cells of the hands and the cerebral cortex develop at the same time, creating a life-long connection between the two. Your every thought is a chemical vibration that ultimately registers in the hands. The end result is that the hand is a perfect data printout of the brain, and is a remarkably accurate indicator of character, health, relationships, career, love life, and much more.

Just as astrology has twelve sun signs that define human personalities, palmistry also relies on a set of archetypes to assess people. The seven palmistry character types are Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Luna, and Venus. (For a brief insight into each type, see below.)

Take note, however, that just as an astrologer needs to know tangential details to form a true portrait of who you are (e.g., rising sign, moon, trines, etc.), a palm reader’s professional assessment likewise requires the analysis of the hand’s many reference points (e.g., color, texture, size, shape, flexibility, etc.).

All to say, the character type summaries below are just one component of the highly interwoven, multidimensional web of information locked in your hand.

Palmistry's 7 Archetypes

Refers to the index finger

Typical characteristics: Leadership, ambition, honor, pride, beneficence, self-improvement, high ideals, strong sense of justice, love of ceremony and ritual, good speakers, prestige, love of nature, worldly, spiritual, lucky, love of food, highly social, self- starter, CEO type, thinks big, volunteers, marriage-oriented, punctual

Shadow side: Vain, always right, tyrannical, not collaborative, self-righteous, boastful, domineering, overindulgent

Refers to the middle finger

Typical characteristics: Wise, disciplined, sober, responsible, strives for balance, serious, strong work ethic, philosophical, late bloomer, seeks security (especially financial security), good at math and science, practical, likes order, non-conformist, loner, introvert, likes historical things, dislikes change, shuns the limelight

Shadow side: Fear, depression, pessimist, sarcastic, cynical, melancholia, resentful, insecure, repressed, worries a lot, self- destructive

Refers to the ring finger

Typical characteristics: Creative, artistic, enthusiastic, dynamic, popular, attractive, charismatic, brilliant, talented, loves beauty and pleasure, versatile, adaptable, fickle, jack of all trades, intuitive, success comes easy, entertaining, athletic, uninhibited, natural diva, sales, likes luxury and glamour, easily flattered, optimistic

Shadow side: Self-absorbed, flashy, showy, disloyal, revengeful, needs to be center of attention, big ego, boastful, vain

Refers to the little finger

Typical characteristics: Clever, quick wit, lots of energy, highly intuitive, fast, agile, excellent communicators, good with money and business, healers, likes puzzles, strong family ties, good judge of human nature, loves travel, gift of gab, always has multiple projects going on, prefers behind the scenes power, even-tempered, loves children

Shadow side: Manipulative, nervous, restless, con artist, schemer

Refers to the outer edge of the hand under Mercury and above Luna

Typical characteristics: Brave, courageous, defender, outgoing, genial, practical not abstract, athletic, loves sports, strong sexual drive, powerful life force energy, honest, loyal, blunt, bold, aggressive, good at getting things started, strong, physically robust, passionate (but not sentimental), perseverance, fortitude, military-oriented

Shadow side: Overly aggressive, domineering, can step on others' feelings, looks for fights, overly intense, comes on too strong

Refers to the outer edge of the hand under Mars and just above the wrist

Typical characteristics: Highly imaginative, psychic, mystic, visionary, loves change, curious, intuitive, very private, likes to snack, feels nobody understands them, restless, changeable, unpredictable, can turn on a dime, good communication skills, good poets, love words and language, moony, dreamy, physically delicate

Shadow side: Selfish, cold, self-centered, lazy, easily slighted, thinks everyone is out to get them

Refers to the inner edge of the hand surrounding the thumb

Typical characteristics: Joyful, optimistic, passionate, loves beauty and pleasure, empathetic, understanding, warm, affectionate, highly sexual, loves romance, generous, compassionate, peace-loving, extrovert, loves people, sincere, genuine, loyal, loves to party, graceful, loves music and art, spontaneous, likes the easy life

Shadow side: Can’t say no, overly sensitive, overly generous, doormat, passive, subservient, lazy, doesn’t like responsibilities, little ambition, gullible, easily flattered

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