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- Do you read both hands?
- Are the findings from a reading set in stone?
- How private is my reading?
- Do you recommend regular readings?
- Do you have a particular style when you read?
- Can I ask questions?
- Couldn't my reading just as easily apply to anyone?
- Are all palm readers alike?
- Do you do other readings such as tarot or astrology?
- What is the Benham version of palmistry?
- Are you a telepathic channel?
- Why do you call yourself a "spiritual advisor"?
- Why do you call yourself a "visionary"?
- What is shamanism, and how do you use it?

Do you read both hands?
I absolutely look at both hands. Your passive hand reveals what was in store for you when you came into this world. Your dominant hand (the hand you write with) conveys how you have actually lived your life.

For whatever reason, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, our deep soul self often re-routes our original path – usually because some important life lesson(s) must be learned. A lot can be discovered by comparing what-was-to-have-been versus what-is (i.e., your passive hand versus your dominant hand).

Are the findings from a reading set in stone?
No. Nothing is in concrete. Your hand mirrors your attitudes and behavior. As your actions and thought patterns change, your lines make commensurate adjustments.

A palm reading basically helps you understand your habits and behavior, both “good” and “bad.” Unless interrupted, these patterns continue. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. By knowing what’s in store for you, you can either accelerate a possibility or keep it at bay. Either way, the lines in your hands will reflect any changes you make in your mental thinking.

How private is my reading?
All my readings are a sacred trust. I do not share information in a way that would violate anyone’s anonymity. Often because I am channeling, I honestly do not consciously remember what I said.

Sometimes people want a loved one or friend to listen in. That’s their call. I don’t really recommend it, though. My palm readings can be very personal and revealing. Sometimes I find myself holding back if another person is present because the information just seems too personal or awkward to share “publicly.”

Do you recommend regular readings?
The hand definitely changes over time because your life is constantly changing. So, yes, after about a year or so, there is usually new physical information to assess.

Plus, as a "spiritual intuitive," every reading I give is a delivery of information that is uniquely appropriate for you at the specific point in time you visit me.

Regular visits are ultimately up to each individual. I have some clients who see me year after year. It's like getting their annual (meta) physical checkup. For other clients, one "download" provides them with all the insights they feel they need.

Do you have a particular style when you read?
I tend not to look at you when I read your hand because I don’t want my rational mind to be influenced by body language cues. I once read that humans have 7,000 different facial expressions, and that face and body language comprise 70% of the information we communicate.

I am not being rude when I avoid eye contact. I just want to keep my focus solely on the hands so that information from the other side is not compromised by my analytical left brain.

Also, it takes a while for the information to fully surface. It may sound like I am repeating myself, but actually I am creating the space for subtle nuances to gradually come forth. Your unique story eventually coheres and invariably is exactly what you need to hear that day.

Can I ask questions?
Yes, before we start the session, I request you provide me with 1 to 5 issues on which you'd like clarity.

For example, pretend I am your personal shopper and ask you what you want at the store. You might say "Whatever, just see what's there."

I could come back with a fabulous hat, only to have you exclaim, "But I really wanted some shoes." Well, ya gotta tell me that!

Left to my own devices, I might focus on your health, whereas maybe right now it's your career that matters to you. Or if you just say health, I might focus on your digestive system and it's really your respiratory system you are concerned about. It is up to you to point me in that direction.

All to say, it is important that you WRITE DOWN your questions. The more specific you are, the better I can zero in on delivering your answers.

Bear in mind, however, the pressing concerns you may think you need answers to are not always in synch with what Spirit chooses to address. You have to be open to accepting that the message given to you is the exact perfect message you were meant to hear at that point in time.

Couldn't my reading just as easily apply to anyone?
People frequently assume what I tell them is obvious and could characterize just about anyone else, but that is just not so. Every hand is utterly, completely unique and as such, your reading is utterly, completely unique to you. Your reading probably seems universal because it rings so true.

Are all palm readers alike?
No, not at all. Just as you could go to ten different astrologers and get ten different readings, so too with palmistry. In addition to various methods and traditions, every palm reader inevitably brings to the table their own unique talents and interpretations.

Do you do other readings such as tarot or astrology?
No, my sole focus is palmistry.

What is the Benham version of palmistry?
Dr. William Benham dedicated his life to the scientific study of hands. He became a doctor specifically to have access to hospitals and prisons in order to study a large cross-section of hands. His classic work, The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading, written in 1900, brought much respect to the profession and has stood the test of time.

Are you a telepathic channel?
First let me explain what it means to be a telepathic channel. There is instinct, intuition, and then psychic powers. Every human being (along with all other animals) has instinct. Intuition is instinct that is colored by each person’s individual life experience. Psychic ability results from the purposeful study of developing one’s intuition.

Although there are those who naturally have the “gift” (just as there are natural born athletes and musical prodigies), most of us have to develop our psychic muscles through studious effort. I have been studying psychic development since the early 1990s and as a result have learned how to channel information from the other side. So, yes, I am a telepathic channel.

Why do you call yourself a "spiritual advisor"?
I describe myself as a spiritual advisor because my readings often explore the soul at a very deep level. Leveraging information that surfaces, I help people discover their authentic spiritual self.

Why do you call yourself a "visionary"?
Over the years, through my political and spiritual activism, I have developed an evolved consciousness. I approach important issues such as peace, social justice, and the environment in innovative, forward-thinking ways.

When I work with you to help you heal and become whole, together we are helping all beings on the planet heal and become whole.

What is shamanism, and how do you use it?
Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice on earth, going back at least 20,000 years. All peoples on this planet originally practiced shamanism. Today, shamanism has been all but obliterated by the imperialism of organized religions. Throughout the world, however, pockets survive, primarily in indigenous communities.

In shamanism, journeys are made to the other side to acquire spiritual power, knowledge, and wisdom. Power animals and other forces of nature serve as spirit guides. Using ritual and often altered states of consciousness, shamanic practitioners return from the spirit realms with vital information for healing and transformation.

Sandra Ingerman, in her book Shamanic Journeying, explains it like this:  "Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the invisible worlds beyond ordinary reality to retrieve information for transformative change."

I define my work as “shamanic palm reading” because shamanism is the foundation of my personal spiritual practice. When I give readings, in addition to the scientific information I impart, my shamanic spirit guides work with me to transmit wisdom and guidance from the other side. I know that sounds New Age-y, and I never would have believed it myself, but I have come to accept that that is what actually happens.

For readings in my home, I work with feathers, stones, and rattles. I also "smudge," which is the burning of sage for purification purposes.

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