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Radio Interview
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I began reading palms in 1995. Some palm readers use scientific methods; others connect through psychic channeling. I do both. I have a solid background in hand analysis, as well as a longstanding spiritual approach.

My formal studies of hand reading are based on the foremost Western lineage of palm reading: Dr. William Benham’s research from the early 1900s. Schooled in Benham’s scientific findings, I am able to interpret the multitudinous data points present in every hand.

I also have years of metaphysical training, with a particular focus on shamanism. By connecting deeply with the wisdom of the earth, I am able to surface information from the other side about you and your life.

In addition, I have a business background in internet strategy, user experience, content creation, business analysis, and project management. Fully grounded in the “real world,” I know how to make esoteric information relevant to your day-to-day life.

Radio Interview
Listen to my palm reading interview on Sirius radio - The Janette Barber Show - September 28, 2011.

Audio Photomontage
Listen to an audio interview of me with photos created August 26, 2012.

If you would like to add a testimonial, send an email with your comments to cat@catmcguire.com.

“Cat noted events in my life that I thought were only my secrets.”
Denise G., Opera Singer

“I was amazed by the detail, accuracy, and nuance of Cat's reading. Past events and future possibilities were all there as she helped guide me through several important decisions.”
Loretta S., Artist

“What I learned about myself through my session with Cat astounded me. I came away with a deeper understanding of family dynamics, childhood struggles, key choice-points and crossroads, as well as ways I have maximized innate potentials that were obscured earlier in my life, and how I can make the most of this time in my life. I use the information from my session with her on a daily basis.”
Kay H., Writer & Theorist

“Cat's reading is innovative and professional, with precise, insightful details. She offered me constructive recommendations with lots of positive energy.”
Caroline P., Web Producer

“Cat tells you things about your past, helps you to gain wisdom and control of your present, and gives you power and hope for the future.”
Ayse G., Account Manager

“Cat has a rare and legitimate gift. Her readings have remarkable coherency and authenticity.”
Mike L., Product Strategy Consultant

“I was skeptical at first, but after Cat uncovered my history -- which I thought no one knew about -- I was completely won over. Her reading was a very rewarding experience.”
Seth S., Actor

“Cat’s accuracy about turning points in my life occurring in specific years was astounding. It was a most positive and uplifting experience.”
Lenore S., Homemaker

“I always had a mild curiosity and healthy skepticism of palmistry. Cat’s reading went beyond my expectations in terms of the level of detail about my past and future, and me as a person.”
Joanne C., Internet Strategist

“Cat was excellent!. Her reading was extensive, interesting and amazingly accurate.”
Ada N., Administrative Assistant

“Cat's reading was deep and insightful. It had a profound effect on me and my thinking. She has an amazing gift!”
Anjeli P., Fashion Marketer

“Cat is knowledgeable, passionate and personable. She makes you feel comfortable while providing deep insights.”
Elizabeth P., Information Architect

“Cat's reading provided me with insight, hope, and enthusiasm for new possibilities that lie ahead.”
Cynthia H., M.D., Professor of Family Medicine

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